12967398_1274313895929845_3247479478354521137_o Ade is an Italian death metal band based in Rome and active since 2007 with 3 releases: Ultima Ratio (Ep, 2008), Prooemivm Sangvine (Full Length, Casket Records, 2010), Spartacus (Full Length, Blast Head Records, 2013) and Carthago delenda est (Full Length, Xtreem Music, 2016).”Prooemivm Sangvine” out the band plays in Wacken Open Air 2009. “Spartacus”, wich riceived lot of amazing reviews worldwide, features George Kollias as guest drummer for the whole record. The album has been mastered by Hertz Studios with top notch production. The last one “Carthago delenda est”, out via Xtreem Music has been recorded at Overload Studio by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord) and Alessio Cattaneo. Both Ade’s music and lyrics are inspired by Ancient Roman History

ade nuova

Featuring also traditional instruments which give their technical death metal a strong epic touch. Ade played with international bands such as Behemoth, Septic Flesh, Morbid Angel, Gama Bomb, Sinister, Dark Lunacy, Asphyx and more, also performed at Wacken (2009), Mass Deathruction Festival (2014), Inferno Metal Fest (2015), Fosch Fest (2015), other festivals and tour. They’re confirmed also at the next edition of Blastfest 2017 in Bergen and other important festival all over Europe.

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