Hopeless-Our Declaration of War

hopelessConceived in far 2007 but born only in early 2012, Hopeless has a long period of incubation, that includes a few tries of adding a member, but at the end of the same year, the line-up is sealed and steady. In the beginning of 2014, the band starts writing its own songs, musically based on a melodic and tight Death metal, and since the very beginning it focuses upon themes of great importance, such as the environmental and social crisis that we are living, relation with religion and divinity, and the human soul, with its abysses and guilt. At the very dawn of 2015, Hopeless gets its live baptism of fire, with immediate great reply from both audience and insiders. In the spring of the same year begins the recording of the first self-produced EP “Our Declaration of War”, released in August, and containing 5 songs: it suddenly receives good reviews from specialized webzines. In September, Hopeless begin to write first songs for the following full-length, a concept album about the awareness of the great potential (almost completely wasted, but existing anyways) inside mankind. In November, “Our Declaration of War” is sold-out, and the EP becomes available for digital download in many music store.

Lorenzo Stelitano: Basso e voce/Bass and Vocals
Andrea Tosello: Chitarra ritmica e solista/Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Domenico Fazzari: Batteria e cori/Drums and Choirs


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