How many metalheads does it take to change a light bulb?

None! They embrace the darkness…

And so we’re proud to offer you new music! 
THANKS to INFECTED DEAD for sharing ! ! !

From the rotten shores of the river Medway, comes modern death metal 5-piece Infected Dead.
Specialising in infectious, neck-snapping riffs, virtuoso solos and insane drums, they have been devastating venues all over the south of England throughout 2017. They arrived on the scene in late 2016 and have been turning the heads of fans and critics alike with their ultra-fast, ultra-sweaty live shows.
They won Metal 2 The Masses (Kent) in May of 2017 and appeared at Bloodstock Open Air that summer, before signing with Hostile Media.
Their debut E.P ‘Archaic Malevolence’ was released on December 8th 2017.

Infected Dead

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