Hopeless-Our Declaration of War

hopelessConceived in far 2007 but born only in early 2012, Hopeless has a long period of incubation, that includes a few tries of adding a member, but at the end of the same year, the line-up is sealed and steady. In the beginning of 2014, the band starts writing its own songs, musically based on a melodic and tight Death metal, and since the very beginning it focuses upon themes of great importance, such as the environmental and social crisis that we are living, relation with religion and divinity, and the human soul, with its abysses and guilt. At the very dawn of 2015, Hopeless gets its live baptism of fire, with immediate great reply from both audience and insiders. In the spring of the same year begins the recording of the first self-produced EP “Our Declaration of War”, released in August, and containing 5 songs: it suddenly receives good reviews from specialized webzines. In September, Hopeless begin to write first songs for the following full-length, a concept album about the awareness of the great potential (almost completely wasted, but existing anyways) inside mankind. In November, “Our Declaration of War” is sold-out, and the EP becomes available for digital download in many music store.

Lorenzo Stelitano: Basso e voce/Bass and Vocals
Andrea Tosello: Chitarra ritmica e solista/Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Domenico Fazzari: Batteria e cori/Drums and Choirs


Zora-Scream Your Hate

zoraZora is a brutal death metal band screaming its extreme hate from Southern Italy. The project started in 2003 and the first demo Dismembered Human Race in 2004 launches its first shout of extreme contempt for all attitudes and all those people who imbastardiscono day after day every sphere and aspect of life and of the human race. .. in December 2004 he released the mini-cd UVA (Undisciplined Violent Aggression), composed of six new tracks and recorded as the previous at Sound Farm Studio of Catanzaro. In 2005 the Italian label Eyes Of The Dead Productions reprint the first demo-cd Dismembered Human Race to produce a split cd, and, also in 2005, Zora sign a production contract with the ‘American label Malicious Intent Records which reprint mini-cd UVA . In early 2009 autoproducono a new split CD called 4 Ways To Scream Your Hate and a year later, in 2010, the ‘Austrian label Bloodred Horizon Records released the first full-length cd Gore composed by ten new songs, clutching the band a new production and distribution contract. Today, after line-up changes and the ‘output of two single Slave of mind in 2011 and Abracadacab in 2014, Zora with GLK Molè on guitars, Giampiero Serra on drums and Tat0 on bass and voice are ready with a new full length album titled Scream Your Hate

NABAATH – Common Graves


“Common Graves” is the third album by Ukrainian (initially Russian) Black Metal Horde NABAATH.

“The atmosphere is a cornerstone of Common Graves, but not just it impress — at the second track Iron in Your Throat, which has a slow introduction and ultra-fast major part, there are variability arrangements and increased technical skills of the band, despite the fact that since the Central-a-Triangle, they lost their second guitarist VX. Slow parts get really depressing, fast — really aggressive, and their skillful combination within the one composition help Nabaath to achieve a very powerful emotional balance”, – Neformat (UA)

Band: Nabaath
Album: Common Graves
Country: Ukraine
Style: Black Metal
Label: Noizr Productions
Release date: October 15, 2015

SECTORIAL – We Are The Titan’s Rising

“We Are The Titan’s Rising Ashes” is the latest full-length album of the Ukrainian metal band Sectorial. The LP was awarded for “Best Metal Album” at the contest The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2015.
Band: Sectorial
Album: We Are The Titan’s Rising Ashes
Country: Ukraine
Style: Blackened Death Metal, Ethnic
Label: Noizr Productions
Release date: August 10, 2015


12967398_1274313895929845_3247479478354521137_o Ade is an Italian death metal band based in Rome and active since 2007 with 3 releases: Ultima Ratio (Ep, 2008), Prooemivm Sangvine (Full Length, Casket Records, 2010), Spartacus (Full Length, Blast Head Records, 2013) and Carthago delenda est (Full Length, Xtreem Music, 2016).”Prooemivm Sangvine” out the band plays in Wacken Open Air 2009. “Spartacus”, wich riceived lot of amazing reviews worldwide, features George Kollias as guest drummer for the whole record. The album has been mastered by Hertz Studios with top notch production. The last one “Carthago delenda est”, out via Xtreem Music has been recorded at Overload Studio by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord) and Alessio Cattaneo. Both Ade’s music and lyrics are inspired by Ancient Roman History

ade nuova

Featuring also traditional instruments which give their technical death metal a strong epic touch. Ade played with international bands such as Behemoth, Septic Flesh, Morbid Angel, Gama Bomb, Sinister, Dark Lunacy, Asphyx and more, also performed at Wacken (2009), Mass Deathruction Festival (2014), Inferno Metal Fest (2015), Fosch Fest (2015), other festivals and tour. They’re confirmed also at the next edition of Blastfest 2017 in Bergen and other important festival all over Europe.


turma nuovo Turma was formed in october 2008 between meeting of Enzo Turitto (vocals), Lello Di Lorenzo (guitar) and Lino Arzillo (drums).
Subsequently Alex De Cicco (guitar) and Enzo Manfregola (bass) joined in the band.
The band conscious of the difficulties having those who wish to propose an alternative to the music of the Italian scene since the early starts to work proposes a sound that is inspired from ’80s thrash metal roots.
In July 2010, Lino Arzillo (drums) split the band and he is replaced by Filippo Ranieri.
First jrecording:
TEARLESS, a mix between Heavy and Thrash metal that brought the band to perform with major bands including Necrodeath, Michael Angelo Batio, Arthemis.
Then after several split the band settles with the following members:
Stefano (ex BETA 57)-guitar-, Lello (EX machine of hate)-guitar-, Ermes -bass-, Francesco (ex BURIAL IN SULPHUR,ex EMBRACE MY RUIN) -VOCALS-and Raffaele (ex KROM,ex NECROFAST PUTREFACTION, ex DEATHERIORHATE,ex CROWDEAD, ex BURIAL IN SULPHUR, ex FEASTBEAST, ex PSICOSY -vocals-.
The style of the band changed radically in a MODERN METAL way.
In 2012, TURMA recorded a new song “BROTHERS” collecting several acclaim from friends and supporters.
At the end of 2013, the band affects REBECCA’S SHIELD, that improve the visibility of the band…..
During the recording session the band releases MEMORIES in May 2015..another new single….
Unfotunately Francesco (one of two singers) must leave the band to go and work in another town in north Italy, so Turma become a single singer group .
After some months Stefano (rhytm guitar) left the band for personal reason…..he was replaced by Peppe Wylde…so with this formation the band took part at BATTLE BANDS contest for WACKEN 2015 playing a live in Milan with MR. RIOT, THE STRIGAS & VERATRUM peaking the third place.
But the band has a new split….Ermes left the band to devote himself to the study…in the meantime enter in the group finally a human drummer (CIRO TROISI) and some months later FABRIZIO join in the group as new bassist….
the band with this members are finishing the recordings for a new album titled KRACKEN and in may 2016 is out KRACKEN the new single…
the style of this recording is a little aggressive than past songs .

Idolatry-Visions From The Throne Of Eyes

Cover Artwork Canadian Atheistic Satanic quintet Idolatry released their debut full length, “Visions From The Throne Of Eyes” on March 25, 2016 via Humanity’s Plague Productions. The blasphemous entity from Edmonton has already become an important figure in both local and international black metal scene with their self titled EP, Split with Unrest (US Black Metal) and some chaotic live performances. Last year, during their Cross-Canada tour, the band had a vicious crash (that cracked the ribs of their vocalist) but it could not stop the black metal voyage of the band. “Visions from the Throne is the evolution of Idolatry’s sharpening sword. Vast, richly layered evils, intent on killing, punishing. It is in parts ambient, in parts rabid fury. A swirling madness that conjures every sorcery this band ever hinted at and made exponentially and frighteningly real. There is no black metal album comparable to this one. It is unique in its sophisticated attack and scope…. Tie yourself to its cold table and let yourself be tortured” ————- Lord Matzigkeitus (Vocals)

Track – List
1. Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt. I) 2. Thunder from the Depths 3. Satanas Haxan 4. Anachronistic Might of Spellcasting 5. Cathartic Expulsion of Shrieking Sorrow 6. Visions from the Throne of Eyes (Pt. II) 7. Tiamatic Winds 8. Illuminated Ominous Darkness 9. Imperator Nero Murmurationis Hortum

Added Curse the Flesh – Black Majesty

Curse The Flesh - ALBUM ARTCurse The Flesh is a melodic blackened death metal band based out of Mobile, Alabama. The five-piece band initially formed in 2012 with the humble intentions of adding more musical variety in their local area, yet its growth transcended even the bands initial expectations. Musically, their songs build around harmonies and melodies prevalent in melodic death metal, along with additional influences from early North American death metal as well as Norwegian Black Metal.
The coalescing of these styles of music with a sense of catchy songwriting, eventually lead to the recording of their debut album “Black Majesty” on June 13, 2015. Independently released by the band and distributed at shows apart from several online retailers, the album features a dizzying array of melodies and hooks, appropriately crafted alongside the rapid-fire drumming and venomous vocals.
Curse The Flesh play a potent, contemporary style of extreme metal that focuses on breeding an atmosphere of evil – in a bold and triumphant manner. Despite undergoing a few lineup changes, they continue to devastate live audiences. Indeed, one can expect even more deadly offerings from this diabolical quintet in the near future.

Track-List 1. Nocturnal Redemption (04:42) 2. Blasphemy Hymn (03:38) 3. Black Majesty (05:51) 4. A Cold Caress (03:58) 5. The Shroud (2:40) 6. Fear The Void Below (04:16) 7. Marionettes (02:51) 8. I Call Down Horrors (04:45)